Rumor: Miss Martian Returning for Supergirl Finale

Okay, so I was hesitant to post about this since the ONLY source I could find was on a fan website, but I decided to post in anyways as a rumor. It is small but apparently, Miss Martian will be coming back for the season finale. They didn’t have any sources so I’m hesitant to confirm this. With or without her, it will be a pretty big season finale, but adding her would be something nice to see. With her on the show, she added a lot of character development to the character of J’onn and they had nice chemistry together. If she comes back for the finale, let’s hope they can further that development for him. I do hope this ends up being true because she was a great character and I would definitely like to see more of her.

miss martian 2 banner


Author: Super Legend

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