Sarah Grey Cast as Courtney Whitmore aka Stargirl on Legends of Tomorrow

Ever since the Legends of Tomorrow SDCC panel confirmed that, alongside Citizen (and Commander) Steel, Vixen, and Hourman, that the likes of Star-Girl, Dr.Mid-Nite, and Obsidian would join the ranks of the CW’s JSA fans have been itching to know which actors would be playing which characters.

It’s long since been confirmed that actor Nick Zano would be playing Citizen Steel, Maisie Sellers would be playing the new Vixen, and more recently that Matthew MacCaull would be playing Commander Steel, now the list of confirmed JSA castings expands as IGN is now reporting that Power Rangers (movie) actor and iZombie alum Sarah Grey has been cast as Courtney Whitmore aka Stargirl.

While not much is currently known of Grey’s take on the character, it’s important to note that this is actually Stargirl’s second live action appearance – the first having been when she was played by actor Britt Irvin on Smallville. It’s also important to hold out hope for a costume a bit more flattering than the one sported by Irvin all those years ago.




Source: IGN

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  • Knight

    Man, what a miscast…

    • The Arrowverse

      Well, the Guggenheim is in charge of casting on this show haha