Scarecrow to be Gotham’s S4 Villain

Gotham’s official Youtube channel has recently put out a video from Comic Con 2017 that not also recaps S3 but in the last minute teases not just the return of Johnathan Crane, but Crane as the Scarecrow, burlap sack mask, fear toxin, and all. However, along with Crane, the Penguin has just opened his new club Selina is still under Tabitha’s tutelage. Most important of all Bruce is continuing his vigilante efforts, which Alfred encourages Bruce to take it up yet at the same time still be Bruce Wayne. The Video is below, the actual teaser for Season 4 starts at 4:25

In contrast, it seems that Crane is being set more as a foil for Bruce than what one would usually see. Most Batman villains tend to embody an opposite quality of Batman be it the Penguin as one for Bruce Wayne as children of privilege, sent down a darker path, Two Face, and Black Mask, as what happens when the line between two identities get blurred and corrupted. The Scarecrow is usually just Batman’s usage of fear turned towards evil, however, the Gotham incarnation of Scarecrow looks to be much more.

The Scarecrow in this incarnation is closer to Bruce’s age but also is shaped by the sins of his father’s past. Thomas Wayne’s unwillingness to work with the Court of Owls got him killed, while Gerald Crane’s guilt over the loss of his and being too afraid causes to experiment on his own son to make an anti-fear toxin. Both of them at this stage in life are dealing with the issue of which is the real them. who they are under the mask or the masks they wear. Bruce so far still sees himself as Bruce Wayne just doing some vigilante work to help the city in whatever way he can, Crane, in contrast, has declared that he is the Scarecrow. Which is actually similar the DCAU view Batman has of himself, that he does not call himself Bruce. Perhaps Crane will be an unwitting catalyst in creating Batman, by forcing Bruce to face his own fears, but also showing Bruce what happens if he loses himself to the mask.

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