Gotham’s Season 4 Theme Revealed

Gotham’s Season 4 looks to have the concept of family as its theme. Several dynamics are going to play out over the course of this season. Joshua Batone of the website the Batman Universe was able to talk to both John Stephens Gotham showrunner and Jessica Lucas who plays Tabitha Galavan at the San Diego Comic-Con.

John Stephens said that while both Edward Nygma and Butch Gilzean are coming back, but not as we know them. While family is a theme it’s going to be explored from a sometimes less than traditional angle.

“One of the families is going to be a brand new very different Lee Tompkins together with Ed Nygma and Solomon Grundy who is Butch Gizlean obviously. Because when Butch becomes Solomon Grundy he doesn’t remember his former life. So when he runs into Ed Nygma he doesn’t remember that he wants to rip his head off. And Ed, who has suffered the effects of being frozen for three months needs Grundy’s help to get strong again and the three of them form this kind of weird little family,”

How Lee will react to Nygma considering their bad blood is not known nor will how will she be personality wise without the virus. Considering the fact, the virus brings out one’s darker impulses but doesn’t seem to alter their memory. So a few things could be possible she still remembers she experiences with the virus, or that takes the same approach with Mario and sees Nygma, and possibly Grundy as another victim of Jim. Perhaps she still feels bound to the Hippocratic and wants to help both of them.

While we have the relationship between Alfred and Bruce, there also is another relationship being touched that between Selina Kyle and Tabitha. Jessica Lucas says that relationship will play out more like an older sibling, younger sibling relationship. However, Tabitha for her part will also play the role of a rather strict teacher for Selina. Season 4 will take places 3-4 months after Season 3

Gotham is set to return on Thursday, September 21st.

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