Set Photos Showcase The Debut of Gypsy

While set photos previously posted highlighted the apparent battle between Flash foes Savitar and Gorilla Grodd, a more recent set of photos as well as a report from YVRShoots seem to indicate that the woman featured in the set photos is none of than Vibe-related DC comics hero, Cynthia “Cindy” Reynolds aka Gypsy.

In the comics Reynolds is tied to Vibe originally by her time as a member of the Detroit branch of the JLA, alongside Steel and Vibe. Later on – in the New 52 – she once again encounters Vibe as she flees from his brother, Rupture. Her power set primarily entails her ability to create illusions, so it’ll be interesting to see whether or not the Grodd v. Savitar fight is actually Grodd fighting Savitar or if one of the two will be an illusion.

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