Sharon Leal Cast as M’gann M’orzz aka Miss Martian as Chris Wood is Confirmed as Mon-El

While it was recently reported that David Harewood’s Martian Manhunter would be getting an upped amount of story time with Supergirl’s move to the CW for it’s sophomore season, fans weren’t given much context as to just what his upped amount story time would showcase of the character.

Yesterday it was officially confirmed at the TCA’s that said expanded story would include the addition of his comic book ward, Miss Martian who is set to be played by Grimm and Hellcats alum Sharon Leal.

In the comics, while her origin is rather sketchy and unclear, Megan is actually a White Martian who, along with her parents and numerous other White Martians, escaped to Earth to further their rule. While she survived after years on Earth, M’gann revealed that her parents – along with the other White Martians – were executed by the U.S. government. Eventually M’gann took up the guise of a Green Martian and assumed the name Miss Martian, working alongside both the Teen Titans and Young Justice.

Interestingly, the casting of Leal suggests that the Miss Martian we might be seeing on Supergirl will be vastly different then her comic book counterpart. Leal, who is 43, is far to old to passably portray the teenage version of M’gann, so it’s actually possible that we may actually see the story of a White Martian who choses to redeem herself as opposed to a young White Martian who choses to hide who she is and adopt a guise similar to that of Martian Manhunter.

Additionally, and in much smaller Supergirl news, actor Chris Wood – who was confirmed to be whoever was in the pod at the end of Supergirl’s first season – has been confirmed to be playing Kryptonian-like (he’s actually from a planet known as Daxam) hero, Lar-Gand (Mon-El).


Source: The Arrowverse

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  • Knight

    Wow, I mean….WOW what a miscast. Waaaay too old! Ms. Martian is supposed to be a teenager NOT someone in their 40’s…