[Spoilers] Gotham S3 X 20 Promises Conflict Between Lee and Jim and Penguin and Riddler

Two promos were released for tomorrow’s episode by Fox on Youtube. In one, Lee Thompkins who in this week’s episode had decided to inject herself with the psychosis-inducing Alice Tetch Virus, the Virus hasn’t taken long to work. The video shows Lee, confronting the GCPD currently looking for Jim. She reveals that she knows where he is because she buried him alive in a coffin and that she also injected herself with the virus. When threatened to reveal where Jim, she reveals she Jim an out, to show the “real” him, infecting himself with a vial of the virus Lee left inside the coffin.

The Second promo continues off with the Penguin and the Riddler immediately going back to war with each other. The Riddler pays Tabitha, Barbara, and Butch a visit revealing that the Penguin is alive and out to get them and that he has some of Hugo’s Strange’s monsters to back him up. Granted the Honeymoon between Barbara and Tabitha is over, with Barbara’s control freak tendencies are starting to cause friction with Barbara starting to think Tabitha might be out to get her.

While Lee taking a dark turn wasn’t that unexpected, I’m wondering where can this satisfactorily go at this point. Even if Jim and Lee’s relationship is somehow mended I don’t know if I would want to see them back together, considering everything since season 2. Regardless I am looking forward to the Penguin and Riddler and their allies facing off with one another.



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