[Spoilers] Gotham Season 5: Info so Far, and the Reveal of Bane

Gotham is set to return for one last season that is quite different from the rest in terms of both length and format, so here is a rundown of the various changes.

Season Five is set to air next year in March, however, it will be a ten episode format, but each episode will two hours to make have it roughly the same amount of screen time as the previous four. Season Five plot-wise it will take inspiration from the Batman: No Man’s Land, basically Gotham city has been abandoned leaving gangs and super-villains free to carve up Gotham. Such as The Penguin, the Riddler, Barbara’s Sirens, and Jeremiah Valeska.

Aside from the usual suspects, several other villains will be joining Gotham such as Bane played by Shane West, Magpie. While among the regular cast a regular character will die by episode 4, at least according to Robin Lord Taylor. (Link in Italics)

Bane, in particular, will be much different, as this incarnation of Bane will be an army associate of Jims named Eduardo Dorrance, played by Shane West. (Nikita, Gotham) According to T.V Guide instead of being an orphan raised in the island prison of Pena Duro (Link in Italics) Eduardo is leading a group of mercenaries to help restore order to Gotham. Dorrance will instead of breaking of Bruce’s back, break Alfred’s instead. The name Dorrance itself is not entirely odd for Bane’s character as in the comics his father was King Snake or Sir Edmund Dorrance.

This is speculation but Bane also appears to at least become a major presence this season. The names of eight out of ten episodes (Link in Italics) have been given on next-epidsode.net, and two stand out at least in regards to Bane. The first is Pena Dura, which is Pena Duro rendered in proper Spanish, and I am Bane. Along with the reveal of Bane’s initial plans and what he will do to Alfred, Bane looks to be playing a very antagonistic role this season.

Bane 2

While just today the images above have been released of Bane. This just is speculation, but it seems Bane in Gotham could be truer to form to the comics than Tom Hardy’s portrayal was in The Dark Knight Rises. Bane seems to at least be wearing an apparatus, and Venom does exist in Gotham as a super-soldier formula, that was introduced Episode four of season one. Although it’s still unknown if there will be trademark muscle enhancement or just super strength, or if Venom does make an appearance and Bane does use it.

As it gets closer towards Gotham’s season premiere more information will be forthcoming.

Sources: Digital Fox, T.V Guide, Next Episode

Author: Flase Facer 92

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