[Spoilers] Gotham to Recast Poison Ivy

It seems Poison Ivy will be recast yet again, this time Peyton List (Flash, Tomorrow People) will play Poison Ivy when she returns in the next half of Season 4. She will be replacing Maggie Geha who portrayed Ivy since early season 3 up until episode 2 of this season. Ivy was last seen drinking a bunch of potions to get stronger, which apparently work.The following statement was released by the Producers of Gotham, after the announcement of the recast:

“In the continuing evolution of Poison Ivy’s origin story, Ivy Pepper has been transformed once again taking another step toward becoming the Ivy we know from the comics. Dangerous. A live wire of crazy energy. She’ll set her sights on Gotham, intent on making the city her own green paradise.”

Hopefully, Ivy, this time can actually be put in a storyline that would work for her. Otherwise one of the biggest weaknesses in Gotham is still rearing it’s ugly head, having a character established in prior Batman lore but not really used all that well, like with what happened to Harvey Dent. At least with her powers she won’t be in a role of playing second fiddle and it might work out.

Gotham airs on Thursday 8 PM est.


Sources: Comic Book

Author: False Facer 92

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