[Spoilers]Gotham’s Professor Pyg To Be a Different Take on the Character

While Professor Pyg played by Michael Cerveris is coming to Gotham, he is going to have a rather different characterization and motivation. An article by USA Today looks at Pyg’s motivations and as well what can expect since Pyg is getting a multi-episode arc that will Jim Gordon’s relationship with the Police force even further tested.

In Gotham, Pyg will be somewhat more grounded in reality, usually, Pyg’s worldview is so warped he is one of the few Batman villains who could realistically be put in a mental institution. This incarnation of Pyg is angry at the cops for letting criminals go due to the Penguin’s licensing system and is a cop-killing serial killer. While not the usual fare of being a madman who wants to make people perfect, Pyg still has plenty of the darker aspects associated with his character, his cop victims will have pig masks on their faces. However, Pyg’s plans will change from episode to episode as well

Gotham Pyg 2

Appearance wise, Pyg will actually be wearing a full face mask based off a pig’s head, but still, keep up with his relatively typical appearance of wearing a neat apron a bow tie. if contrasted with an even more creepy mask than usual.

Sources: USA Today

Author: False Facer 92

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