Supergirl Beats Up Superman in New Set Photos

Some more interesting set photos drop and now, it seems that Superman and Supergirl are going to fight. Apparently Batman wasn’t enough so now we have Supes vs Supes. I don’t mind but man is it really sad that one of my favorite heroes is being bitch-slapped by Supergirl. That’s kinda sad. The fact that they’re fighting isn’t that great either since this is like, I think the 3rd time mind control has been used this season, after Mon-El and Jack Spheer. They even used it in LAST season’s finale. It’s not confirmed that it’s mind control but it’s so obvious that it is because these writers aren’t exactly the sharpest tools in the shed. It will be because of Rhea, obviously. It just kinda pisses me off that the first and last photos make Superman look like a wimp. But I do get a good chuckle when people said that this guy was better than Henry Cavill’s Superman. Take a look at them, there’s only 5 of them, but they’re interesting to say the least.

Sources: YVR Shoots

Author: Super Legend

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