Supergirl: Calista Flockhart (Also) Returning for Season Finale

A day later, and we get another news drop that Flockhart will also be joining Supergirl and Superman for the final episode of the season as well as the one before it. Similar to the news about Hoechlin though, we barely get any info. No synopses, no villain, no reason why she’ll be back, she’s just coming back. It is also unclear if she will have a bigger part in season 3, but that is very unlikely. I am very excited though, that she is coming back as Flockhart was one of the better characters of season 1 and having her leave kinda left a big hole in the show. Instead of being this run of the mill bitch like she could’ve been, she was actually the most interesting character from season 1. She was powerful, sarcastic, and funny, as well as a great mentor and had a good emotional side. It is great to have her back, even if for 2 episodes.

flockhart 2 banner

Sources: TV Guide

Author: Super Legend

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