Supergirl Gets iZombie Star for Villain Role

It was reported a few days ago that Rahul Kohli (who plays Ravi on the amazing CW show iZombie) will be guest starring on an episode of Supergirl. He will be appearing in episode 18 entitled ‘Ace Reporter’ and will be playing a man by the name Jack Spheer, also known as the rather newer DC villain, Biomax. Due to the fact that he isn’t amazingly well known, I’ll give you a quick rundown of who… or more so what he actually is.

Jack Spheer was the CEO of a major corporation and made a plasma that could control organic tissue. Long story short, he added the stuff to food to make it better, people got sick, and he was ordered to take it off the shelves and he didn’t. Green Arrow and Black Canary confronted him about it and during the fight, his son pulled a Joker on him and he tumbled into a vat of the plasma, becoming the sentient version of the Biomax formula with the power to control people and stuff.

Kinda cool but it looks like that Supergirl will only be focusing mostly on the Jack Spheer identity. It will focus on him making something that will eradicate all major illnesses in the world if it works. He comes to National City to show off his innovation to the media (like Snapper and Kara) and possibly rekindle a relationship with Lena Luthor. When Rahul Kohli was asked about the role he had this to say:

“I’m so excited to be working on Supergirl starring as Jack Spheer. It’s given me the chance to continue my relationship with The CW as well as fulfill my goal of meeting a Kryptonian.”

Now, it is very much unclear whether or not he will become the Biomax entity, or if he will just be Jack Spheer for this episode and become Biomax later on. He could possibly spill some of his formula on himself and does become a variation of Biomax either towards the end of the episode or in a later episode, which could be interesting. But I have a feeling that Jack Spheer will pretty much be a replacement for Maxwell Lord since he hasn’t been seen since the first season, even though there was a major cliffhanger at the end of season 1. But we’ll just have to wait and see.

jack spheer banner

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