Supergirl: Kevin Sorbo Reveals Role on Show

Literally the last article I posted on DCTVU was Kevin Sorbo getting a mystery villain role on Supergirl. I and many other fans speculated that he would be playing the Superman villain Hercules in a somewhat meta role. However, Sorbo recently let it slip that this is not in fact the case. He pretty much flat out says his role (as well as the mystery villain role Teri Hatcher is playing) while talking with Entertainment Tonight.

“I’m heading up to Vancouver and I’ll be doing a three-show arc, and Teri Hatcher’s playing my wife … I’m from another planet that’s an arch-rival planet of Krypton. Which is now of course destroyed.”

Wow. I mean just wow. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an actor flat out say an upcoming role like this. Now, because of this recent news, it is very clear that he and Teri Hatcher are playing the King and Queen of Daxam. He also states that it’s going to be a 3 episode arc on the show. What does this mean? Well, time for a theory! I think it is very clear (that even the original article kind of states this) that most likely the King and Queen are coming to Earth looking for their son, Lar Gand aka Mon-El (which is part of a theory I talked about here). After their guards or whomever found out where he is at the end of “Supergirl Lives”, they want him back to help rebuild Daxam. However, when they come to Earth and find him, they see that he is helping people and that he is friends with a Kryptonian (or more than friends, depending on when this episode arc happens) and they are none too pleased. It is because of this that they try to take him by force but he refuses to leave and maybe they try to invade the planet to get him back. At least something along those lines. It could be an interesting idea, especially if at this point in the show Mon-El dating Kara. We’ll just have to wait and see, but I’m excited to see what will happen with this.

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