Supergirl: Lena Luthor to Become Series Regular in Season 3

News has just dropped that Katie McGrath, who plays Supergirl’s as well as Kara’s friend and ally Lena Luthor, will have a bigger part in season 3. Very little information as to why, but expect to see her more. It could be hinted at that the inevitable Super vs Luthor rivalry we all know and love could come up during this season. An event that is even bigger than Lena (supposedly) getting the Kryptonite a few episodes back. It could involve Lena realizing who she is and doing something truly evil in the name of the Luthor Family or Cadmus. It could also involve Lena learning who Kara really is and becoming broken by that trust that she becomes evil (so that arc in Star-Crossed and Duet about lying who someone truly is can come full circle). Again, everything is very ‘What If’ at this point and we might not know full info until the season ends. I am very excited about this though because I think McGrath does a great job in the role and I definitely want to see the famous rivalry we get similar to Lex vs Superman, but with Supergirl.

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Author: Super Legend

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