Supergirl: Mark Gibbon Cast as General Zod

Next to Lex Luthor, General Zod is easily the second most recognizable Superman villain period. General Zod has appeared in almost every Superman universe in some form or another since the 1978 film. Well, it only makes sense that we get another with Supergirl. He will be appearing in the season finale of Supergirl, and while it hasn’t been revealed, we might know why Superman is coming back to National City in the finale. Whether he has appeared before is unknown, but likely as he’s one of Superman’s biggest arch nemeses. He will be portrayed by Mark Gibbon who was in Man of Steel and Smallville as an oil rig worker and a deputy respectively. Hell, he was even in an episode of Arrow! I guess it kinda makes sense then that he is returning for yet another DC universe.

We’re not sure if he’s coming back to be a villain for season 3 (I would seriously hope not), he’s going to be the final big bad for season 2, or if it’ll just be a flashback of sorts, for some reason. I have a strong feeling that Rhea will learn of General Zod and try to use him to kill Supergirl to get Mon-El back to Daxam. She’ll get him out of the Phantom Zone (as that is where he’ll most likely be, after maybe Superman put him back there) and use him against Supergirl, and then when she can’t beat him, she’ll get Superman to come and help. That’s my theory at least. That probably sounds like what they’re going to do as it makes the most sense. I don’t think they’ll bring back such a huge character for a flashback, nor would he be a big bad for season 3 as that would just be an insult to the character. I hope Mark Gibbon does a good job. I don’t think he’ll be as entertaining or over the top like Terence Stamp nor will he be the intriguing tragedy like Michael Shannon’s version. I just hope he’ll do his own thing with influence with what came before.



Author: Super Legend

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