Supergirl: Melissa Benoist Fired. Season 3 to be Soft Reboot for “Mon-El of Daxam”

After declining majorly in ratings this past season from when Supergirl was on CBS, Berlanti, Adler, and Kreisberg decided to do the unthinkable. They fired their main star in favor of a more interesting titular character with Chris Wood’s Mon-El. However, instead of starting a whole other show and trying to get it green-lit and what not, they decided to make season 3 a soft reboot of sorts. However, while they do call it a “soft reboot” it will mainly be Mon-El’s continuing adventures on Earth with the DEO. They are pulling an Arrow of sorts though, by having flashbacks to Mon-El’s life on Daxam, as it will show his rampant lifestyle before his ultimate fate of getting on the Kryptonian ship to Earth.

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But you ask, what will happen to Supergirl? Apparently, Berlanti had this to say in regards to Supergirl’s fate:

“Well, we won’t kill her don’t worry. [laughs] Killing her would imply that we broke off the relationship between Melissa and us very terribly, which is not the case. She was surprisingly very happy about Mon-El getting the limelight for the rest of the show. In terms of what will happen with her is that, something will happen in the season 2 finale that causes Supergirl to leave Earth and not come back. We will have Mon-El dealing with his emotional tether leaving as well as him continuing his life as National City’s superpowered hero, along with Guardian. We are going to most likely unveil his “suit” at the end of the season.”

In regards to Supergirl leaving, we don’t get a ton of info but I have two theories. The first being that she does something unthinkable in the season finale, and can’t deal with the repercussions and has to leave Earth maybe to exile herself or something. The other theory I have is that, Berlanti said that she’ll leave Earth. Now, this could mean that she not only leaves this Earth, but leaves this universe and maybe heads to Earth-1 to be with Barry and company. What would cause her to leave National City to do such a thing? Maybe she trusts Mon-El enough to have him be the hero for this Earth and she wants to be on Earth-1 instead to be closer to her “Super Friends”. It’s all just What Ifs at this point, but I am excited. It is sad to see Benoist leave but I’m happy that a more interesting character like Mon-El will be the focus.

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Author: Super Legend

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