Supergirl: Quick Update

I found a bunch of news sites that were reporting on some small things regarding Supergirl, mostly about the season finale. While it’s mostly been about General Zod, we did get a quote from Kreisberg regarding the nearly 56 year old character:

“It’s a bit of a fun surprise,” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg told TVLine of Zod’s debut. “He doesn’t have a lot of screen time, so I can’t say our interpretation is as nuanced as either [Superman/II‘s] Terence Stamp or [Man of Steel‘s] Michael Shannon, but we did one thing to put our own stamp on it — at least visually.” He added, “Visually, he has a different look from the mechanical armor that Man of Steel did, or the real spacey clothes Richard Donner’s version had.”

“It’s definitely fun for us,” he concluded. “And when you see the context in which he appears, it could only be Zod in that episode.”

He also stated on another site that it was very Nazi-esque, which is no surprise as that’s what the character somewhat looked like originally. If you saw the set photos from a while ago, yes he does somewhat have the bland military-esque uniform similar to Non from last season. Not a whole lot to say here since we have already seen what he looks like.


Next is the title of the season finale, which is apparently “Nevertheless, She Persisted” which is just a reminder to the audience that this isn’t a superhero show that tries to make good content, just feminist propaganda to shove down people’s throats. Huzzah. However, the only site I could get this from was Huffington Post, so take this with a 10-ton grain of salt. Let’s hope it’s wrong.


Finally is speculation on who the big bad of season 3 will be. Andrew Kreisberg said that in regarding to the season finale that they are promising “a feature film quality finale, with huge guest stars, stunts and visual effects,” Kreisberg went on to say viewers “will get a glimpse of the Season 3 villain in the finale, which we’re also excited about.” Now, some people assumed it was General Zod, but due to the fact it’s a SuperMAN villain, it’s unlikely that such a huge character would be on a SuperGIRL show. Kreisberg did in fact say “glimpse” so the site I got this from said that it might be a new player added into the mix, which could be interesting but might not be the case. It could be a new persona to an already existing character like Lena Luthor, which I’m praying it is since that could bring about great arcs and storyline to Supergirl.

One of the sites did offer some interesting other characters that could take the role of the season 3 big bad if it isn’t Lena.

First is the Emerald Empress which is a Legion of Superheroes villain. I think this could be interesting because it could tease the famous superhero team even more as well as an interesting superpowered villain against Supergirl that might not be nerfed like some other villains have been. Plus the article also says that it could involve Mon-El going to the future to be with the Legion. While I do like Mon-El a lot, that could be interesting for his character and can develop him further.

Next is Mongul which is super unlikely. They introduced the Black Mercy into the show already and didn’t introduce Mongul, so it’s unlikely that a more famous villain could appear in a Supergirl show. Plus, it would be great if they could save him for something better maybe. What that would be, I’m not sure, but something better.

Time Trapper, which is another obscure Legion of Superheroes villain. Again, it sounds intriguing, and it would be great to have a C-list villain be showcased in a show like this. As well as introduce the Legion to more of a mainstream audience.

Intergang which would be more of a subplot, or a one off episode type thing, similar to the Royal Flush Gang on Arrow and The Flash.

Ursa the female side villain in Superman II. Could be an interesting call back to the Donner films, but only so many characters can come from Krypton.


Out of all of them, Emerald Emperess or Lena Luthor could be really interesting and great villains for season 3. I’m just praying that it isn’t General Zod.

Sources: Various

Author: Super Legend

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