Supergirl: Returning Villains for 2017

We have some confirmation on two villains returning for the latter half of Supergirl’s sophomore season. The confirmed villains are Metallo played by Frederick Smith, who appeared in the first two episodes of the season alongside Superman and Livewire played by Brit Morgan, who was last seen fighting alongside Silver Banshee (Italia Ricci) against Supergirl and The Flash. The article from TV Line also stated:

Executive producer Ali Adler tells TVLine that other “fan-favorite” villains will reappear this season, but it’s too early to make any additional announcements.

So while unfortunately we don’t get a ton of news regarding the latter half of the season, at least we get to see some good villains pop up again. Maybe Livewire will be seeing the Flash again and maybe there will be multiple Metallos like in the second episode.

The Kevin Smith-directed midseason premiere “Supergirl Lives” will be airing on January 23rd.



Sources: TVLine

Author: Super Legend

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