Supergirl Season 2 Is Getting Cat Grant…Sort Of…

There has been some news that Calista Flockhart might not be returning as Cat Grant in season 2 of Supergirl due to the shift to Vancouver from LA. But at Comic-Con, it was confirmed that she will be returning to the show but in a much smaller way. Sarah Schechter had this to say.

“She’ll be there. You’ll see plenty of Cat… Probably a little bit less, but she’ll be there. And to be honest, it works really well. Kara doesn’t have the same relationship with Cat work-wise, so it would actually be hard to have her be in it as much. Kara has a different job. Still at CatCo but she’s not her assistant and so I think it’ll feel totally natural.”

So, if you wanted to see more Flockhart in season 2, well, you got it! She will be in there but just featured less. It is sad, because Cat grew from discount Miranda Priestly, to an interesting character and role model to Kara. You saw why Kara looked up to her and didn’t quit her job no matter how she pissed her off on a daily basis. Seeing less of that is sad, but Schechter said it would feel natural, so I hope for the best. Most likely, Kara will have to deal with Snapper Carr (played by Ian Gomez) more so this season with her new job revealed at the end of season 1. What that new job is, we don’t know, but Cat Grant isn’t going down without a fight.

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Source: Screen Rant

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