Supergirl: Set Photos and Video Drop of General Zod

Some set photos and even a short video of Mark Gibbon as General Zod has dropped. They feature Zod in military gear similar to Non from the first season and out on the street talking to someone. The video shows that he has a very commanding voice and presence which I’m very excited about. However, one thing worries me is the line Gibbon says which is, “You actually care for these Earth people?” which makes me believe that this is the first time this world has been introduced to General Zod, which makes me really angry. Why you may ask? Well, as I stated in my last article, Zod is the second most popular Superman villain. How in god’s name has Superman, a Superman that has been doing this for over a decade mind you, not met one of his greatest arch nemeses? However, what I’m hoping for is that this is a flashback to when Superman first defeated General Zod after he somehow got out of the Phantom Zone the first time and Superman put him back in. Then it is revealed that Rhea, learning of Zod, breaks him out of the Phantom Zone to help defeat Supergirl once and for all. That is what I’m hoping for, you can check the photos and video below.

You can check out the video here


Author: Super Legend

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