Supergirl’s Exile (Three Episode Arc)

With my previous editorial, a lot of you know that I have a lot of issues with Supergirl. I believe it has a lot of untapped potential of making a great superhero show, but something is holding the show back from being truly excellent in my opinion. With this, around November to December of 2016, I started to develop an idea for Supergirl, to really develop her character and make her a lot more interesting. The show is too focused on making a role model instead of a character people can latch onto, care about, and be interested in. Even during season 1, the character of Supergirl has never been extraordinarily interesting. Bits and pieces here and there sure, but never has been a well rounded and interesting character. The idea I have will be presented to you in a three episode arc that you will read down below. It takes some inspiration from the end of the 1986 Alan Moore story, Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?. The chances of this ever happening on Supergirl is extraordinarily low, due to the darker subject matter that the show is used to. However, I am still very proud of this idea and urge you to take a few minutes out of your day and read what I have in store for you.

Supergirl’s Exile

Episode 1: What Happened to the Girl of Tomorrow?

The episode opens up with Supergirl in National City fighting some bad guys who have taken a floor of a building hostage. The police are there but learning from Maggie, who is also there, she decides to talk to the criminals and set up a way for the hostages to be taken out safely. The criminals don’t listen and with special alien-like weapons decide to take the building down. With her speed, she manages to get all the hostages and criminals out but disappointed that she couldn’t make the criminals listen. The building unfortunately comes down with no other casualties, until it’s revealed that one the criminals’ brother was still inside and begins blaming Supergirl that she killed his brother. He is taken to prison along with the rest of the criminals and the hostages begin to congratulate her until the abruptly flies away. She walks back to her apartment and changes into normal clothes to go off to work. She tries to focus on work but can’t get the casualty out of her head. Lena calls her to go to lunch but she declines and hangs up the phone. She leaves work to take a sick day. She is sitting in her apartment thinking about the death of the criminal until Maggie knocks on the door. Maggie is there to talk with Kara about what happened. Kara begins to tell her about the situation and Maggie tells her that he was still a criminal and Kara throws back how he still didn’t deserve to die and feels how she isn’t better than the criminals she fights if she just lets people die like it’s nothing. Maggie states how you can’t save everyone and it might not necessarily get easier but it’s something you have to live with as a hero. Kara thanks her for the advice and she leaves. She heads to the DEO where Alex and J’onn console her about what happened. Kara says how Maggie already gave her a talk and says how she’ll eventually be okay and that being Supergirl will eventually take that pain away. J’onn says there’s a weapon deal happening at a certain address and Supergirl goes there to stop it. In a dilapidated part of the city, we see a big group of people buying some alien tech from some other aliens. Supergirl arrives and starts beating up some bad guys. Most of them are knocked out and starts talking with the aliens about why they are doing what they’re doing and one of the aliens states that not all aliens are goody-two shoes like her. He tries to shoot her and in an attempt to knock the gun out of his hand, she uses her heat vision, but she misses and gets his head and kills him. They leave and Supergirl is left there shocked. Once she gathers herself she leaves and heads back to her apartment. She looks at herself in the mirror not knowing what to do with herself but she heads back to the DEO so that they don’t get suspicious. She tries to act okay but can’t, as she keeps thinking about the murders. She refuses to talk to people and only confides to Winn. She tells him that the aliens left and took the guns with them but didn’t put a tracker on them. Winn says that they’ll find them. Alex starts to realize something is wrong. Supergirl decides to “look for more crime” and leaves. We see her in her apartment again. She begins thinking about the first criminal, the one whose brother she killed. She begins to get frustrated by the constant berating going on in her head. She gets so angry that she punches through her wall. Realizing her truly dangerous power, she knows what she must do. She leaves a note but we don’t see what the note says. We see her sobbing looking at her uniform until she rips it in half declaring “she doesn’t deserve to wear this crest”. She packs a bag and leaves her apartment. She sneaks into the DEO and finds her Kryptonian ship and takes it outside. She sets coordinates into the computer and leaves Earth, leaving the episode on a cliffhanger.

There is a subplot involving Guardian becoming a more hopeful hero and trying to make a difference in the world by changing his image. Over the course of the episode, we see him change his gear to something brighter and livelier than the dark gray suit we see him in before. We also see James and Winn bro out and becoming closer friends along with Lyra becoming a more integrated part of the team.

Episode 2: Red and Gold

The episode opens with Alex in the DEO asking about Kara. She asks if anyone has seen her recently and nobody has. She calls Maggie asking about Kara, and she hasn’t seen her since their talk last episode. Alex goes looking for her at her work and her apartment. There, she finds the suit torn in half and her note. She takes it to the DEO and reads aloud the note. It states “I am not fit for these powers if they hurt innocent people.” Alex then shows the torn suit. Everyone starts to scramble to find her. They eventually find out that she has turned off all ways of tracking her but that she has taken her Kryptonian ship. She has disabled all communication and tracking in the ship. Alex calls Clark to ask if he’s seen her and he hasn’t either. They try to scout all over the planet to look for her and cannot. We then see Kara, walking on a deserted planet looking up at a red sun. She sits on the ground, trying to clear her head of bad thoughts, like the two men she killed. She can’t concentrate on her happier memories. She decides to clear her head of everything as this was her new life, as she is separated from Earth for the rest of her life. She doesn’t want to think about the things that made her happy or feel sad, and she doesn’t want to feel… much of anything anymore. In the distance, she thinks she sees a civilization and starts walking towards it. Meanwhile, back on Earth, Alex confides to Maggie about the loss of Kara. She doesn’t want to lose her and have it be her fault. Maggie tries to give her confidence that they’ll find her, but Alex then states, “what if she doesn’t want to be found?” and causes both of them to rethink the situation. James and Winn struggle to be the only heroes in National City right now, finally coming out in a newer and brighter suit and in the day time. Guardian tries to help as many people as possible but can’t. There is a lot of blood on his hands and realizing he can’t be the only hero in National City. Back on the unknown planet, Kara keeps walking to the civilization and wonders if the thing she is seeing is real or a mirage. She still decides to keep walking to see if it is real. She does finally get there to see maybe a dozen or so tall huts with aliens walking about. They see her, and are immediately violent towards her. They ask if she is there to hurt them, and she claims she isn’t. They sit her down in one of the huts and ask her some questions. She says she’s from Krypton but then raised on Earth after it exploded. She wanted to live out the rest of her days on a red sun planet. They agree to let her stay only for a short while. She thanks them and she sleeps in the hut they set up for her. Kara then ponders if this new life is worth living and says that it’s better than being on Earth and hurting people. Back on Earth, the DEO is still scrambling to find her, as well as defend the city, after many criminals have found out Supergirl is gone. The gang with alien weapons from before is terrorizing the city. James, bloodied and beaten from battle decides that they need to call Superman to help with National City. He calls Clark and he agrees to help. James goes off to rest. We see Clark changing into his Superman uniform and heading to National City. He starts saving lives and helping out as much as he possibly can. Cut back to Kara on the red sun planet, and we see her living among the aliens. Not necessarily happy, but content with her life. We see a figure in the distance coming towards the town and Kara looking at the figure coming closer. He stops at the front of the town smiling evilly, as the episode ends, once again on a cliffhanger.

The subplot here is pretty much the stuff on Earth, with Alex dealing with a sister that is gone and the fact that Kara might prefer it that way. Guardian becoming a lesser hero to the people and James doubting himself about being a hero. As well as Superman dealing with the loss of his cousin who he wasn’t there for.

Episode 3: Heroism

The episode opens to the unknown alien hurting a lot of people. Kara seems ready to spring into action but the voices in her head tell her that she is not a hero and is nothing. The people are yelling and screaming for Kara to help them but can’t in fear that she will kill innocent people. If a criminal was caught in her crossfire what would it take for an innocent to be caught in the crossfire as well? She runs away, and she starts to see her ship. She falls from heat exhaustion and begins to see a familiar face: Mon-El. He begins to speak to her about what it means to be a hero. Kara doesn’t think she is one because she killed two people that might not have deserved to die. She says that she is tired of Earth and its people, and that she doesn’t want to interfere with their lives anymore. Mon-El states that National City needs a Supergirl, needs a hero. He states that even more blood of innocent people will be on her hands if she doesn’t help them, if she doesn’t truly become the hero she needs to be. He states that she’s not perfect, but she isn’t supposed to be. She’s supposed to learn to become a great hero and by helping the people in the town, and eventually on Earth, she could become that in the future. She kisses him only to reveal she is kissing nothing. She starts running back into town. We cut to Superman in the DEO, saying that a lot of the crime is taken care of in National City and that he has to head back home. But before he does so, he talks with James, stating that he really doesn’t have to be in a suit to be a hero. James says that he knows this, but still wants to be one anyway. Clark then says that, heroes come in all different forms and that Guardian might not be the way to go in terms of being a hero. He then says that “Jimmy Olsen was a hero to me, in many ways. Guardian is a desperate cry for help and attention. Be James Olsen, don’t be something you aren’t. You’re my friend, and I’m just trying to look out for you.” James is shocked by what his friend just told him, but Superman leaves James with just his thoughts. We then see Kara going back into the town to confront the villain. Kara attempts to fight him but can’t without her powers. She tries talking with him and asks why he’s doing this. He only replies with “for sport.” She realizes that she can’t talk with him and has to kill him to defeat him. The voices start ringing in her head that she isn’t a hero because of this but she ignores them to defeat the villain. With her training from Alex, she learns of the villain’s weaknesses and eventually beats him to the ground. Before she is about to take the final blow, one of the other aliens stabs him. She then states that she has to go back where she came from, so no more innocent people can die. She heads back to her Kryptonian ship and heads back to Earth. She isn’t happy about going back to Earth but knows that National City needs their hero. She finally arrives back on Earth to the DEO, Alex and J’onn scold her about her leaving but are happy she is back. She is ready to be back and help the people of National City, but it shows in her eyes that she will never be the same. She heads back to her apartment where James and Winn are waiting. James tells her that he isn’t going to be Guardian anymore. He thought about Clark’s words and realizes that both he and Kara are right, and that he can be a hero in other ways. He tells her that he never realized the pressure she has on her back every day. Kara is just glad that they’re safe, no matter what they do. Winn states he left a present on her bed and they both leave. She opens a box and finds a newer and brighter suit. She blasts off into the sunset with somewhat of a sad look on her face. Cut to James throwing the suit in the garbage in an alley somewhere, to be found by Jim Harper.

The subplot is once again pretty much the stuff going on at the DEO and in National City. James not being the Guardian anymore and the pressure he feels to be a hero that he can’t handle. Along with Alex still lamenting about losing her sister and Superman not being there for Kara when she needed it.

As I stated before, the whole point of this 3 episode arc was to portray a sense of hopelessness to a hopeful hero, and to develop the character majorly. Showing that she isn’t Little Miss Perfect, and to show that she isn’t a great hero but can be in the future. She needs to stop thinking so highly of herself even when she’s just starting out. Plus, while I don’t mind Guardian, this was a way to get him out of the picture as well. James is a great character, but he shouldn’t be a superhero. Just be a supporting character and that’s it. There’s nothing wrong with that. I still wanted him to change to the gold and blue suit though, before him inadvertently handing it off to Jim Harper, or even Mal Duncan, as Jim Harper was previously in season 1 as I think an FBI agent. The Guardian will be his own hero, separate from Supergirl like hearing him on the news and stuff. Plus, I wanted Kara to get a suit similar to her comic book counterpart, whether that is blue shirt and blue skirt, or blue shirt or red skirt is up to you on which one you like better. I personally like the blue and red on Benoist specifically. I hope you like this arc though! Expect some more fan stories in the future.

By the way I apologize for the god awful art here, I’m too cheap for Photoshop, haha. However, I still wanted you guys to see what Melissa Benoist could look like in a brighter suit.

Supergirl alternate suits (smaller)

Author: Super Legend

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