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How to Prevent Equine Shin Splints?

Equine shin splints are a type of bone injury that usually occurs in young horses over a period of time. The main cause of this injury is the constant tension that is placed on the horse's shin during its daily activities.

This causes tearing of the fibers from the bones and this causes heat, swelling, and pain. Therefore your home will not be able to walk comfortably, run or do most of the daily activities. You can read more about equine shin splints here.

To prevent your young home suffering misery due to this injury, the following five tips must be observed:

First and foremost, you should try and show what activities might put too much pressure on the horse's bones. You must understand that there are certain restrictions that young horses should not push.

Therefore, do an analysis of the number of activities your horse does in one day and stop or completely avoid everything that for the most part seems to be a source of tension for the horse.

Every time you train your horse, always make sure that you put sports boots or a pair of splints on the front of the horse's feet.

Doing this correctly will not only significantly reduce the likelihood of your horse breaking a splint, but will also protect it from many other tissue injuries such as ligaments and tendons.