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How Dust Collection Systems Can Help You?

Think about your lungs because the filter of a vacuum, using all the vacuum being your physique. Extensive exposure to wood dust from a variety of forms may lead to chronic bronchitis, emphysema and "flu-like" symptoms.

Wood dust can also contain compounds, carcinogens and parasites that could be inhaled into the lungs resulting in sickness and/or irreversible harm.

Different from Ambient Air Cleaners that divert from ceilings or sit workbenches, you will find an assortment of Dust Collection Systems on the market for the workshop. To avail the services for car or truck, you can visit best dust collection system units – Spray-Tech/Junair.

If you're still in the exploring phase of your purchase, a dust collection system like the Steel City 65200 retails for $319 and includes a 1-micron (washable) filter bag.

A Jet DC-1100A includes a 30 micron filter bag and retails for around $300. A 30 micron dust particle is quite small but still big enough to harm your lungs.

These are only a couple of instances. There are more firms that produce Dust Collection Systems, each with varying versions and dimensions.

The filter bag attachment mechanism is yet another characteristic of dust collection methods which varies by manufacturer. The handiest filter attachment includes all the Delta system.

It's a steel spring built into the filter bag which easily snaps on and off for cleaning. The other manufacturers are provided with another steel clamping ring that must be manually trimmed.