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Business – Constructing Efficient Systems

After your prospect has requested an appointment and you have collected the necessary information, there are some administrative tasks that you must complete as follows:

1. Enter your appointment on your computer or book. By entering your full name and telephone number, you will be able to contact the client without looking at the file manually. Also, I like to enter payment methods (Employee Assistance Company, Self or other details).

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2. Set the file number. Besides the files needing to be stored for several years to comply with Income Tax and professional standards, I have set up a system to help with that. Each client has a unique number consisting of a year, month and number of new clients in that year.

3. Prepare the file folder. All my client files are burgundy so they are easily identified. I use a white file label with three lines printed: Client file number, name (the surname in capital letters, commas and then first name) and payee name (company, insurance or the word "enough")

4. Manage files. I use a fastener to hold the document in the folder. The right-hand side has reference information, reports from other sources and my handler's notes with the most recent above.

5. Enter information into the computer's accounting system. My Quick Books system allows me to place clients under a paying company as "Add Job" and then have "Add Job" where I enter the file number.