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Road Design and Traffic Accidents

It seems that there are endless factors that have the potential to contribute to traffic accidents. The most attention in the media are those that involve modern technology and therefore spark debate.

But while devices such as cellphones certainly act as a nuisance to drivers on the road, there are other more fundamental things that can completely change the way traffic flows and seriously reduce or increase the number of traffic deaths every year.

Road design is one of the most important and endless factors that can completely change the level of safety on a daily trip. Only experts or professionals can give you the best traffic impact assessment, environmental impact assessment.

Traffic Management Consultancy Newcastle

Working hours of engineers, scientists, and skilled statisticians go to the design of roads for major highways. Road design includes:

  • Basic road design – this includes turn rates, lane sizes, asphalt thickness, among many other things. This stage of road design requires the hard work of one or many civil engineers.
  • Road equipment – this includes the number and placement of road signs, removal of trees that can be a hazard if there is a storm or other unexpected problem, placement of fire hydrants with a special design to collapse during collisions.
  • Safety barriers are present on most roads and roads that pass rivers or cliffs. Barriers can be one thing that keeps an uncontrolled car from moving when traffic arrives, resulting in a collision.
  • Road marking materials used to indicate lanes, appropriate traffic areas, road shoulders and two-way or one-way roads.

Road Design for Highway

Highways may be the scariest part of driving. On the highway there are cars traveling at extreme speeds, taking large semifinals that have limited vision, changing dangerous paths by fast-moving cars, unexpected road hazards that are difficult to deal with at high speeds among many other daunting challenges.