The CW’s Black Canary: How Arrow Failed An Actress and A Comic Book Legend

And In The End…

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The point of this entire post wasn’t to convince anyone to “bring Laurel back” because people are aggravated, nor was it to aggravate people who disagree, the point of this…was to point out facts; obvious facts.

I’m more than certain Katie Cassidy will be successful with the rest of her career.

I’m more than certain that Arrow (which isn’t a Green Arrow adaptation by the way, we can stop pretending now) will be more than successful appealing to the tween-drama audience it’s chosen to appeal to.

But in the end…

A Green Arrow show without The Black Canary, just isn’t a Green Arrow show.

One more time for good measure…


Sources: People Who Actually Wanted a Decent Green Arrow Show, Which Arrow Is Not - Nor Has It Ever Been

Author: DCTVU

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  • Alex

    Psst, do you reckon you could add this one to the fun links section?

  • Season

    It still frustrates me to this day how much hate Laural got. She was truly an inspiration to many people out there (myself included) who have went through extremely difficult times. She showed us that no matter how hard life gets, we can always rise above it kicking ass and also helping people who need it. I’m still really sad and annoyed that the writers killed her off for nothing other then to make it “shocking” or give Oliver and Felicity more of a reason to be together. Laurel deserved better.

  • Batman

    This is quite simply the best Arrow-related article I’ve ever come across. Concise and profound illustration of a rich albeit underrated character arc that really accentuates the caliber at which this show once was. Definitely provides a stark contrast to the shameful dip it’s taken now, very tragic too.

  • Asad

    Very well written.

  • theOgse

    Arrow needs more budget money so fix up all this shit

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