The CW’s Firestorm: What Should The Future Hold?

The Flash’s second season ambitiously began by killing off fan-favorite character, Ronnie Raymond (played by Robbie Amell), in order to not only shake up Barry Allen (and his team’s) respective worlds, but also in order to allow Robbie time to pursue more roles in larger productions. A mere three episodes later Ronnie’s replacement within the Firestorm Matrix was introduced, Jefferson “Jax” Jackson, a character whom audiences would just meet on The Flash, but would grow to love on Legends of Tomorrow.

While both halves of Firestorm, Jax Jackson and Martin Stein, continue to grow as characters on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – they transmuted matter for the first time in the Season 1 finale – it should be noted that, while Legends has given the character a relatively slow burn in terms of development, Firestorm is one of DC comics most interesting and ever-changing characters. Not only is Firestorm as a character have a plethora of potential for the CWverse, but Firestorm’s Matrix (only comparable to The Flash’s own Speed Force) is yet another complex and interesting concept that, in itself, represents a plethora of potential.

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Throughout DC comics history the members of the Firestorm Matrix have died, they’ve “died”, they’ve been separated, they’ve taken on the power of the Matrix on their own, etc., etc. , etc. and yet – for some reason – Firestorm is still looked at a B/C-list DC hero, it’s baffling that a character so immensely powerful and with such an interesting backstory – as you’ll soon see – could be glossed over as a glorified Human Torch in DC’s television universe.

As you’ll see on the next few pages, Firestorm’s history is not only complex, but interesting, and downright baffling at some points. The character as a whole is – by far – one of DC’s most interesting and unexplored properties…so let’s hope the DCTV universe sees this and capitalizes on it…(#FirestormTheShow anyone?).


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