The CW’s Flash Costume: What’s Next for The Flash’s Costume?

Now that The Flash’s second season has ended, and fans have been given time to mull over Zoom’s true story and what Season 3 may hold, many are finding themselves lost at the lack of change to Barry Allen’s costume. Despite the show making a seemingly significant commitment to giving Barry his classic Flash ring in 2×11, The Reverse Flash Returns, all parties involved in the fabrication of said suit seemed too busy dealing with whatever the rest of the season held for them, to actually create it.

While the beginning of The Flash’s third season is almost guaranteed to begin with some form of short Flashpoint-esque arc, it seems only plausible that after a few episode Barry will be back in his costume and protecting Central City from metahumans. Given the fact that both Cisco and Harry Wells (of Earth-2) promised to work on the aforementioned Flash ring it’s also more than likely that we’ll be getting an appearance from the costume come The Flash’s third season.

The numerous incarnations of The Flash have also brought about even more incarnations of The Flash costume, in not only permeant costume form, but also in temporary and one-shot costume form as well.  Given that The Flash seems to be improving every season, it’s more than likely that Barry’s costume will continue to be updated as the show gets older and older. The question then becomes, just how could Barry’s suit change in the long run? Obviously design tweaks are inevitable, in the shows first season the costume was tweaked nearly every episode until they got a workable general design that was comfortable for Grant to wear, but what large scale changes could we see to the costume in the long run? Flash lore certainly offers options…

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