Explaining The CW’s Zoom

Evidence Given After The Mid-Season Finale and Prior to the Reveal

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Season 2, Episode 10, Potential Energy:

After Team Flash discovers that The Turtle is at large, it becomes clear that “Jay”(Hunter), and therefore Zoom, is well aware of the potential double cross that could come from Team Flash – while Team Flash had stated Turtle’s powers could help Barry stop Zoom – Harry was truly trying to use the powers against Barry.

By mid-episode Caitlin offers to help find a cure for “Jay’s”(Hunter’s) lack of speed, something he (“Jay”(Hunter) ) wasn’t account for, and so he lies and tells her that he’s tried to find a cure already and has been unsuccessful; Cailtin later tests Jay’s DNA unbeknownst to “Jay”(Hunter).

While on the lookout for Turtle, Wells confides in Cisco the origin’s of Zoom, how Zoom killed fourteen officers and allowed one to stay alive and tell the tale. He adds that the one who survived Zoom’s massacre described, “blue lightning zooming all about as his comrades, brothers and sisters in arms, were murdered. That officer considered himself to be a lucky one, spared in order to tell the tale, until Zoom went to his house that night and killed him too, and that’s how he got the nickname Zoom.” This information, coupled with what “Jay”(Hunter) states at the end of the season implies that Zoom emerged in Earth-2 Central City prior to “Jay Garrick”, and it’s likely that “Jay”(Hunter) merely got lucky with the change of color in his lightning and chose to capitalize on that luck by creating a secondary, heroic speedster, persona. 2

By episodes end, “Jay”(Hunter) receives a curveball that makes adjustments to his plan necessary, Cailtin – who tested his DNA – reveals to”Jay”(Hunter)  that she’d done that tests and determined he was sick.

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Season 2, Episode 11, The Reverse-Flash Returns:

After having found out that somehow The Turtle had died due to a brain aneurysm whilst being held in the pipeline “Jay”(Hunter) is quick to [rightfully] accuse Wells in an attempt to keep his facade of “heroic boyscout” up. “Jay”(Hunter) then proceeds to cast further doubt by telling Cailtin that “every time you think Wells is on your team, something happens that makes you doubt it”, somewhat of an ironic statement considering who he truly is.

Subsequently, the team discovers that the Reverse Flash is somehow still alive, and Harry briefly explains the rough concept(s) of timeline remnants, telling everyone that the Speed Force protected Eobard, “like a bomb shelter”, from being erased from existence.

As Cisco, Barry, and Harry geared up to face off against Eobard Thawne, “Jay”(Hunter)and Cailtin meet and Cailtin tells “Jay’s”(Hunter’s) about the death of her father and reveals she couldn’t find a doppelgänger on Earth-1 named “Jay Garrick”.”Jay”(Hunter) reveals that Hunter Zolomon is his doppelgänger, while most of what he says after revealing his doppelgänger’s name is a lie, this show of faith proves that “Jay”(Hunter)truly – to some end – trusted and cared for Caitlin.

“Jay”(Hunter) keeps telling Cialtin that catching Zoom is the key to getting his speed back, and although this seems strange, it’s actually quite brilliant. As long as the team doesn’t know “Jay”(Hunter) is Zoom, he can stay one step ahead of them and delay them until Wells is ready to give him (Jay) Barry’s speed.

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Season 2, Episode 12, Fast Lane:

Despite the fact that “Jay”(Hunter) seemed to truly show trust in Caitlin when he revealed his doppelgänger’s identity to her, he is noticeably absent from this episode as a whole.

Meanwhile, Harry successfully steals 2% of Barry’s Speed Force energy before giving said energy to Zoom. After this encounter with Zoom, Harry confesses that he is the reason Barry is 2% less powerful and Barry and Harry work together to find an effective means of closing the breaches; something “Jay”(Hunter) is NOT there to witness.

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Season 2, Episode 13, Welcome to Earth-2:

Welcome to Earth-2 opens with Barry closing all of the breaches but the one in the basement of STAR Labs, a plan that he and Wells had planned to execute at the end of the last episode. We then see as Barry, Harry, and Wells gear up to go to Earth-2 and “Jay”(Hunter) bids them farewell, warning Barry of the dangers of Multiverse travel – again his extensive knowledge of Multiverse travel seemed normal at that point, but when considering he’d only made one jump through the Multiverse (according to what he told Team Flash) this knowledge should have and does become suspicious.

The audience later learns that – at some point – the “Jay”(Hunter) on Earth-1 was replaced with a time remnant and the real “Jay”(Hunter) opposed Barry on Earth-2, what many people do not realize is that “Jay”(Hunter) states in episode 2×18 that he made the switch between his true self and his time remnant after Barry, Cisco, and Wells had made the jump to Earth-2, meaning the “Jay”(Hunter) that bids Barry farewell, is the real “Jay”(Hunter).

The aforementioned statement may seem incorrect given the fact that the Speed Canon stabilizing the breach in STAR Labs breaks a mere few seconds after Barry, Cisco, and Wells leave but it’s of note that Zoom had jumped unstable breaches, due to being faster than Barry, throughout the entirety of the season.

While Barry, Cisco, and Wells make rounds of Earth-2, on Earth-1 remnant “Jay”(Hunter) tells Cailtin that he “Like the way she looks at him, with warmth and pride” going on to say he’s undeserving of that look, because he did a terrible thing. Remnant “Jay”(Hunter) continues by revealing said terrible thing when he stated that, “when my world’s particle accelerator went off, I became a speedster, I became the fastest man alive, only it wasn’t enough for me. I wasn’t fast enough, so I figured with my scientific background I could increase my powers”; remnant “Jay”(Hunter) adds that not only has he taken Velocity serums before, but they had unforeseen side effects, the loss of his pure Speed Force based speed. As stated when discussing 2×08, stands as either a small writing goof or change of plans as previous episodes seem to establish that it was Harry who developed the Velocity drug to help “Jay”(Hunter) “stop: Zoom…but if Zoom (who was denoted by blue lightning, a side effect of going fast enough while on Velocity) wasn’t around, then how or why would Harry have developed the serum? Again, this issue is easily rectified if the timeline of events is considered as follows:

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“Jay”(Hunter) could have come to Wells claiming that he’d done some research into the potential of a speed-based drug, but allowed Wells to take credit for having “developed the Velocity drug”

Whilst on Earth-2, fighting Killer Frost and Deathstorm, Barry grabs the helmet off of a statue seemingly built in the honor of the “fallen” Earth-2 hero, “Jay Garrick”. The mere existence of the statue seems to denote the fact that “Jay”(Hunter) had succeeded in one aspect of his plan already, he’d inspired hope as “Jay Garrick” and had successfully ripped said hope away.

Back on Earth-1, Caitlin develops Velocity-7, a formula that again – thanks to Caitlin’s BIO-mechanical background – correctly reposers the pure Speed Force energy within remnant “Jay’s”(Hunter’s), hence the return of the yellow lightning.

During the final fight on Earth-2, Zoom reveals that he has given explicit orders to leave any speedsters unharmed, this is later revealed to be due to the fact that Zoom has in fact encountered other speedsters, and hopes to both steal their speed and/or cure himself.

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Season 2, Episode 14, Escape from Earth-2:

The episode commences with Barry, and the man in the mask who is later revealed to be Jay Garrick of Earth-3, trapped in Zoom’s lair. While Zoom does have two speedsters in his possession, he still needs to put a hit out on Harrison Wells due to the fact that he still doesn’t know how to syphon a speedsters Speed Force energy – energy that would cure him.

While Zoom races around the city attempting to find Wells [but conveniently not checking STAR Labs until last…] Jesse tells Barry that the man in the mask has been there since before Zoom had kidnapped her, and the two discover the man in the mask is using a POW tap code to tap out “J-A-Y”; they assume he’s alluding to the man they know as Jay Garrick, hero, but it’s later revealed he’s not, the man in the mask is tapping out his own name, “Jay”.

Zoom eventually reappears and tells Jesse that the only reason her father is still alive, is to give Zoom Barry’s speed (a cover, as he does want Barry’s speed, but truly seeks the Speed Force energy within Barry to cure himself).

Remnant “Jay”(Hunter) , keeping up his facade, “confides” in Caitlin just how important it is for him to protect the city while Barry can’t, and just how much he loved being a hero ever-so-briefly in the last episode; it’s most important that we understand Hunter (not as Zoom, not as The Flash, but simply as who he is) has an enormous ego, and anything that will inflate said ego, is something he’s willing to do. This notion is further proven in his choice to do an interview for an article Iris is writing about the ‘temporary Flash in Central City’.

Again, much like in the last episode, Caitlin’s new Velocity serum – using her biomechanical know-how – temporarily reignites the pure Speed Force energy in remnant “Jay”(Hunter’s) cells, hence his yellow lightning once again. While “Jay”(Hunter) is using V9 to save people from within a collapsing building, Caitlin discloses to Iris that Velocity-9 seemed to have begun to do the trick, not only had it re-ignited the pure Speed Force energy within “Jay”(Hunter) as other versions of the serum had, but it also had begun to heal the already corrupt and dying cells within his body.

When Caitlin reveals to remnant “Jay”(Hunter) that the Velocity-9 not only re-ignited the pure Speed Force energy , but it also had begun to heal the already corrupt and dying cells within his body he, despite being a disposable remnant, was likely pleased as his problem – the thing stopping him from being the fastest man alive, the only reason Harry Wells and Barry Allen were still alive – was about to be solved by advancements made in Caitlin’s new Velocity serum. If the serum could eventually successfully heal remnant “Jay”(Hunter), then Zoom would have no need to steal the Speed Force energy within Barry, he could merely kill him and kill Wells.

The contrast (in knowledge of events occurring) between Zoom and his time remnant who was – at that point – still on Earth-1 as “Jay” is highlighted in the scene in which Zoom arrives back at his lair to find Barry and company escaping. While remnant “Jay”(Hunter) had just realized that with Cailtin’s help Barry and Harry had become expendable, Zoom directly points out that Barry and Harry are the only one of the group of people standing before him that actually need to stay alive.

The episode closes as Zoom “kills” what is later revealed to be a time remnant of himself, in the form of “Jay”(Hunter) from Earth-1; you’ll see on the one of the following pages why I use quotation marks around the word “kills”.

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Season 2, Episode 15, King Shark:

Interestingly – and this factors into a potential theory when discussing “Jay’s”(Hunter’s) time remnant” while this episode picks up where the last left off, and seems to progress in real time on Earth-1, with 1-2 days passing, the end of the episode showcases “Jay”(Hunter) just having arrived back at his lair with the body of his time remnant. When “Jay”(Hunter) arrives back at his lair and places a now dead time remnant at his feet; “Jay”(Hunter) (as Zoom) finally unmasks revealing himself as “Jay Garrick”, stating that “this is a complication”.

The aforementioned line as been the topic of quite a few debates…what was a complication? Given the fact that “Jay”(Hunter) was not privy to any discussion of closing of breaches and the the previous episode concluded with the closing of the final breach, the best bet in this scenario is that “Jay”(Hunter) had not accounted for the breaches being closed and him being trapped on Earth-2. While later episodes in the season reveal that Zoom can open breaches on his own, it’s of note that he’s only able to do so after being cured of his ailments, meaning that in his current state (as of 2×15) he’s likely reliant on the fact that Barry will set out to save Earth-2 and re-open a breach between worlds.

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Season 2, Episode 16, Trajectory:

Throughout the entirety of 2×16 the audience sees as Cisco vibes Zoom whilst near/in contact with “Jay’s”(Hunter’s) helmet, seemingly confirming to the audience that – as based on Cisco’s previous vibes – whomever owned the helmet he was in contact with was also the person he was vibing, in this case, that was Zoom.

Later on, through Trajectory’s misfortune, the team also learns that a speedsters lightning will turn blue due to use of the Velocity serum at a certain speed (i.e. If I take the Velocity serum I may run at 5mph with yellow lightning, but once I hit 10mph, my lightning turns blue). Given the aforementioned evidence the team also realizes – after Cisco vibes – that the man they know as “Jay” is in fact, Zoom.



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