The Flash and Supergirl Clearly Exist in Two Separate Universes: Here’s How They Could Crossover

Not to long ago, yesterday as of writing this, it was announced that the CW’s The Flash and CBS’s Supergirl would officially be crossing over on March 28th, 2016.

This announcement was met with mixed reviews as many fans of The Flash were less than interested in a Supergirl crossover and, interestingly, almost all Supergirl fans (that I’ve seen) are more than excited for a crossover with The Flash.

Interestingly what also came out of this was confirmation that many fans still think that Supergirl and The Flash co-exist in the same universe, and so, this editorial was born, clarifying the two don’t coexist.

They Don’t Coexist – Supergirl Evidence

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  • Ever since it’s pilot episode Supergirl has hammered one thing home, possibly a little to much so, that until Supergirl, there were no heroes to look up to besides Superman himself. While Green Arrow and his team’s method’s are more than questionable, it’s a well known fact that the public of Central City (and likely outside of it as well) idolize The Flash…clearly expressing that these two character’s don’t co-exist.
  • Supergirl has also driven home the fact – in it’s opening intro actually – that Superman arrived and has been operational on Earth long before Kara had even gotten there. Seeing as the show takes place in present day, 2016, and Kara has been on Earth for 12 years (prior to becoming active) and Superman was active when she arrived…that means that Superman has been active for 12+ years, a fact that clearly contradicts with The Arrowverse’s claims that he doesn’t even exist.

They Don’t Coexist – The Flash Evidence

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  •  While it’s understandable that Superman and Supergirl might avoid events contained to city’s that don’t have much potential of spreading further (i.e. all of Arrow’s season finales…) there is no chance either of them, active or not, would casually not attempt to stop a giant wormhole that opened up above a city that continuously grew. While one could make the argument , poorly, that they were “off world”…what are the chances they were both off world and never mentioned it?
  • Cisco, Cisco, Cisco, don’t you think Cisco would have made note of Kara?
  • “But what of Earth-2?” – In my opinion, “The Arrowverse” refers to all shows and continuity created by Arrow and any of it’s extensions within it’s given universe. Technically that would make “Earth-2”, which was introduced this season on The Flash a mere extension of “The Arrowverse” more aptly it would be “Earth-2” would be a part of a universe referred to as “The Arrowverse-2”, “Earth-1” a part of “The Arrowverse -1” and so on and so forth. That being said, characters who have made the trip over from Earth-1 to Earth-2 have successfully managed to change universes and therefore, they exist in The Arrowverse (for as long as they stay there).

They Don’t Coexist – Crossover Evidence


  • While the title of The Flash/Supergirl (titled Worlds Finest) crossover pays homage to the classic “World’s Finest” comic series of the past it, quite clearly, also clarifies that the titular heroes are indeed from different Earth’s…just take a look at the structure of the word “Worlds” throughout the three stages of the titles publication:
    • “World’s Finest” – Apostrophe before the “s” – A series that took heroes of the same world (typically Batman and Superman) and teamed them up as the finest of their world. In this case, the word “world” is possessive singularly of the object’s it’s referring to, “the finest”.
    • “Worlds’ Finest” – Apostrophe after the “s” – A series that took heroes who were originally from Earth-2 (as Robin and Supergirl) and followed them as they were trapped on Earth-1 (as Huntress and Power-Girl), making them heroes of two worlds that they’ve inhabited. In this case, the word “world” is possessive plurally of the object’s it’s referring to, “the finest”, because both characters are products of two universes.
    • “Worlds Finest” – NO apostrophe after or before the “s” – A crossover that took heroes from two separate Earths and put them together.  In this case, the word “world” is not possessive due to the fact that “the finest” are tied to their respective versions of Earth. Another way of phrasing this title would be “The Finest of Earth ___ and Earth ___”

But Then…How Could They Crossover?

Banner This section is taken directly from an editorial I wrote prior to the crossover being announced on August 11th, 2015:

First and foremost fans of either show need to realize that the phrases “crossover” and “shared universe” do NOT mean the same thing. Two shows can crossover without sharing a universe, and that is something that has been done before.

  • Crossover – Two or more sets of things reach a form of convergence
  • Shared Universe – Two or more things co-exist in the same universe

As for how The Flash could cross over to Supergirl, the answer is quite simple…all one needs to do is follow a format set in place years ago by the three Jimmy/Timmy: Power Hour movies. Those movies have held the secret to the best possible way for the CW’s Arrow and The Flash to crossover with CBS’ Supergirl since the creation of the separate universes. The plot synopsis for the first crossover between The Fairly Odd Parents and Jimmy Neutron is as follows:

A chaotic duel with characters from The Fairly OddParents and Jimmy Neutron erupts when Timmy wishes to go to the greatest lab in the universe for his science fair,. The greatest lab in the universe just happens to be, in another universe, in Retroville, Jimmy Neutron’s lab, but Jimmy accidentally teleports himself into Timmy’s universe. Now the two are stranded in each other’s worlds. Now Timmy must shut down Goddard, who Timmy uploaded a destructive video game into, before he destroys Retroville. Meanwhile, Jimmy must stop Mr. Crocker from taking over Fairy World.

That’s it, the two characters team up, do there thing, and then go back to their respective universes and never (as I recall) mention the other universe until their next crossover, Jimmy/Timmy Power Hour 2: When Nerds Collide!  This crossover model allows for the crossover some fans want – without the aches and pains of merging the two very distinct universes together and two some degree, it’s already being done in The Flash‘s second season, just check it out

  • Jay Garrick is dropped on Earth 1 from Earth 2
  • Jay Garrick teams up with The Flash. 
  • Jay -one would assume- goes back to Earth 2.

Now take that exact same formula, compress it into a multi-episode arc, change the Earth number and you get:

  • Kara Zor-El is dropped on Earth-1 (the version of Earth located in The Arrowverse) from Earth 23525363 (the version of Earth located in the CBSverse)
  • Kara teams up with Green Arrow and The Flash. 
  •  Kara goes back to Earth 23525363.

The actual announcement for the crossover episode seems to indicate as much is true, although the opposite will be happening with Barry (The Flash) appearing on Supergirl:

We are so incredibly excited to announce something that we have dreamed of happening since we starting making ‘Supergirl’ – ‘The Flash’ and ‘Supergirl’ are teaming up! We want to thank Grant Gustin for making the time to come visit (on top of his already immense workload) and all of the folks at CBS, The CW, Warner Bros. and DC for working this out. And finally thanks to the fans and journalists who have kept asking for this to happen. It is our pleasure and hope to create an episode worthy of everyone’s enthusiasm and support.

After Barry does his thing on Earth _____ , that’s it, the crossover episode ends and for whatever reason – whether it be writing or memory wipe – and the two universes continue to exist without mention of the other until another crossover (if they did more than one) occurs.  As stated before,  “crossover” and “shared universe” do NOT mean the same thing, Timmy Turner doesn’t exist in Jimmy Neutron’s universe, nor does Jimmy Neutron exist in Timmy Turner’s universe but that didn’t rule out a crossover. With this logic in place, AND the fact that DC comics is already famous for it’s multiverse and “noncommittal” crossover would be quite easy as long as CBS’ Supergirl, or even FOX’s Gotham are established to exist on different Earth’s.

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