The Flash and Supergirl Two Part Musical Episode Confirmed, 8 Reasons to Be Hyped

While some fans of The Flash have been actively pushing for a musical episode since the show cast Glee alum Grant Gustin as The Flash himself, others have been a little less then skeptical. With the induction of Supergirl into the CW universe the musical episode seemed to become more and more likely until today, when it was finally confirmed that The Flash and Supergirl would be having a two-part musical crossover episode come next season.

However, if you’re not a fan of the idea of a musical episode, fear not! Fans of Buffy The Vampire Slayer know that the episode “Once More With Feeling” – which was also a musical episode – truly didn’t add anything significant to the plot and came off as nothing more than a filler episode.

The aforementioned news was confirmed at the TCA’s by DCTV-guru Greg Berlanti who also stated that the double-episode would air during the second half of both show’s seasons, which – if rumors are true – would put it after Supergirl’s universe merges into that of the other DCTV shows. Berlanti also stated that, while the idea is for the cast(s) to sing songs that already exist, that the writers are toying with the idea of throwing one original song into each episode.

If you’re a fan that falls somewhere in the middle, not sure if you do or don’t care for a musical crossover episode, take a look at the semi-life changing videos below.

Fair warning, the video of Grant singing will ever change your opinion of him!

Barry Allen???


Kara Danvers???


Cisco Ramon?!?!


Wally West?!??!


Harrison Well?!?!?


Joe West?!??!


Alex Danvers?!??!


Winn Schott?!??!

Source: The Arrowverse

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  • Knight

    We’ll have to agree to disagree here. A musical episode will damage the show in ways it will never recover. I’ll be surprised if anyone takes Supergirl seriously after this or even makes it to season 3.