The Flash May Have Just Revealed Savitar’s Identity, And They’ve Been Telling Us Who All Season

The Flash May Have Just Revealed Savitar’s Identity, And They’ve Been Telling Us All Season Long
Zack Phillips

After leaving the audience on a cliff hanger four weeks ago when The Flash went on its final hiatus for the season, Barry and the team are back in tonight’s episode to prove that they can defeat Savitar, the ‘God of Speed’. Though after his ineffective trip to the future to get answers from the residents of Central City from 2024, Barry appeared to come to terms with never discovering Savitar’s true identity, and instead, focused his efforts on trapping him in the speed force. But like every compelling episode of the show, the final minute offered some colossal clues on the name of the man under the mask.

After the present-day Barry pleaded to almost everyone he knew in 2024 for Savitar’s name, his investigation came up short, with the only person who knew his identity being Caitlin ‘Killer Frost’ Snow. Seeing as in the future, Caitlin is well and truly no more, and Killer Frost is the only one who remains, getting his identity out of her proved to be a futile task. Wally West from 2024 appeared to also have learnt the villain’s name, however was left in a state where he couldn’t share the name to anyone.

The futuristic episode successfully eliminated many of the fan theories on the internet; Julian Albert, H.R, Wally, and even Cisco. Seeing as they were all broken by Savitar in 2017, and their presence in 2024, the chances of them pulling an ‘Eobard Thawne’ and coming out as the ‘big bad’ is extremely unlikely.


Upon arriving back in 2017, Barry shared the technology with Team Flash, which would, in theory, enable them to defeat Savitar and prevent the future that Barry visited. But whilst Team Flash were celebrating their win, Caitlin was pledging her allegiance to the God of Speed. And while she was doubtful of him at first, as soon as he stepped out of the metal armour, Caitlin quickly swapped sides to the side of the enemy, seemingly setting in motion the events that caused Cisco to lose his hands, and the death of Iris West.

And while the audience didn’t see who the man underneath the armour was, it isn’t too hard to figure out the identity of Savitar. Ronnie Raymond. Right?


Ronnie has been MIA since the premier of Season 2, which saw him sacrifice his life to save the planet and stop the singularity from tearing the multiverse apart. Caitlin had moved on to Hunter Zolomon and eventually Julian, however deep down, it has always been clear that Caitlin’s feelings have been the strongest for Ronnie. The man who stepped out of the suit, the man whose “been there since the beginning”, could have been almost anyone. Eddie Thawne, Eobard, Hunter, Jay Garrick, the original Harrison Wells, or even the future Barry Allen. But none of those would have attained the reaction that Caitlin provided. After she saw his face, there were no more questions, and suddenly she’d switched sides.

All this evidence strongly suggests Ronnie Raymond is, in fact, Savitar. Possibly blaming Barry for being able to score his ‘happily ever after’ while Ronnie and Caitlin could never earn theirs, he becomes the God of Speed and kills Iris. Ronnie was also lost in the singularity, which is inside the multiverse. And Savitar is well-known throughout the entire multiverse. So maybe Ronnie Raymond is going to turn out to be Savitar.

But The Flash has never been known to poorly write their villains, and there could be much more at play. When Savitar first appeared back in episode 6, the audience quickly learned that he was trapped inside the speed force, and the only way he could be let out to roam free was by opening the box which held ‘the Philosopher’s Stone’. But once Dr Alchemy was taken out of the picture, he became desperate, calling on the members of Team Flash to open the box.


He appeared to Cisco as Dante, and to Wally as Francine. Both times he was successfully able to manipulate the minds of the heroes into letting him out, either briefly or permanently. The viewers were always under the impression that this was due to the power of the stone, which would tempt the characters into releasing Savitar. But as revealed in The Wrath of Savitar, the stone merely acted as a key to release Savitar from the speed force. And while never directly addressing it, the stone’s ability to manipulate the minds of the protagonists was never confirmed to be a skill that the stone possessed.

Tonight’s episode of The Flash may have revealed the identity of Savitar. Savitar’s real name-is simply Savitar. While he possesses the power of speed, perhaps the reason Savitar is able to destroy Team Flash is because he can manipulate their minds into seeing whoever he feels would be able to work for his cause. Alternatively, Savitar may be able to take the form of whichever being he feels would work to better aid his cause. And the reason he knows so much about the Team; their weaknesses, their fallen allies, and their relationships, is not only because of the fact that he is from the future, but also because he was trapped in the speed force; a place that was created at the exact moment that Barry Allen was struck by lightning.


While this is purely speculation of the evidence that has been given to us, and while the preview for the next episode does appear to suggest that Savitar will have his own identity to be someone Barry once knew, the possibilities and evidence of Savitar being simply Savitar is overwhelming.
Who do you think Savitar is?

The Flash: The Once and Future Flash: 4.5/5.

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