Theory: Mon-El’s Real Origins

If you watched Monday’s episode of Supergirl, you most likely noticed some strange things regarding Mon-El. One of the most important being is that towards the end of the episode when Supergirl and team are escaping, one of the Maaldorians was going to shoot Mon-El. But a Dominator came in and lowered his weapon, stating “Not him. He is not to be harmed” and then bows to Mon-El. This raised a lot of questions since the last time they revealed something about Mon-El, and that it was some people hunting him for some reason (who return at the end of this episode actually). It is very clear since we got that first bit of taste a few episodes back, it is very clear that Mon-El isn’t who he says he is. Many people (including myself) just assumed that he was some type of fugitive from Daxam. Maybe a prison was destroyed, he got out, somehow found a ship, and went to Earth. But that seemed a bit too far fetched and whatnot. However, we got some concrete evidence that we have some idea who Mon-El really is, with the bow from the Dominator and the people hunting him.

Prime Theory

I, and what many other people, think is that Mon-El was the real Daxamite Prince, under the name Lar Gand. The people hunting him are either the real royal guards or some people within the royal family who want him back because the King is dead, and he is next in line to be the King of Daxam. While Daxam is actually gone, it is possible that Daxam migrated to another planet and either took over, integrated with the people there, or got a planet with no other species on it.

Towards the end of the episode, Mon-El is talking with Kara about being a hero and Kara says “Well, what about the Prince?” and then Mon-El stats “He was no one to look up to, but I want to be.” It could be he is realizing that the playboy nature of his old life isn’t what he’s supposed to be doing anymore and wants to start anew (although in the episode, it was somewhat half assed). It very well could be him speaking in the third person, or stating that the Prince, that guy, is different from the present Mon-El who wants to help people. It could also be clear that the story Mon-El told about the “Prince” going to help his people is him kind of saying that is what he should’ve done instead of leaving without doing anything. It also explains the very lazy and sex-driven lifestyle Mon-El is leading on Earth. Why would a guard be used to that lifestyle to continue doing it on Earth? It would make more sense that a Prince, who hasn’t worked a day in his life be extremely lazy and not do anything with purpose.

Alternate Theory

This is way less concrete than the theory above but I think it could be interesting although, a lot less likely. Instead of the bow signifying Mon-El being royalty, it could be signifying the Dominator not wanting to mess with time. In the post Crisis comics, Mon-El (or commonly known as Lar Gand) becomes the inspiration for the Legion of Super-Heroes in the 31st century (when it was previously held by Superboy, but he got written out during Crisis on Infinite Earths). Maybe the Dominator knows this because he has traveled into the future and knows of the Legion of Super-Heroes and their mark on history. Killing Mon-El would have them cease to exist and mess with the future, possibly making it worse. I know a Dominator probably isn’t the most conscience species, but in the Invasion crossover special, they clearly showed care to the timeline after knowing Barry messed with it. It is clear that the Legion exists with the ring in the Fortress of Solitude. In the episode, he even says “grife!” which is slang for “dammit” in the Legion. It could be possible that this is where they get the word from, or maybe just a simple Easter Egg, who knows.

I thought the alternate theory was a fun tie-in to his comic origins, but it is very unlikely. I just thought it was a cool idea to throw into the mix despite not making a lot of sense as it’s very What If, and based on Easter Eggs that might not amount to anything.

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Sources: CBM

Author: Super Legend

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