Thoughts, Theories, and Critiques on The Flash, 2×21, The Runaway Dinosaur

KEVIN SMITH DIRECTS – With Barry (Grant Gustin) gone, the team must figure out a way to handle the return of an old enemy – Girder (guest star Greg Finley). Realizing Girder is retracing his steps from his last attack, Iris (Candice Patton) volunteers to act as bait to trap him in S.T.A.R. Labs. Meanwhile, Barry fights to return to his old life. Kevin Smith directed the episode written by Zack Stentz.

DISCLAIMER: I am a reviewer, and these are my reviews. Reviews tend to critique and reviewers stand as the critics, so don’t tell me I’m being “too critical” when clearly I’ll only be pointing out the few things that are “so good” that they need to be pointed out. On top of that, these “thoughts, theories and critiques” guides are my equivalent of live-tweet-reviews during the show…but they are posted after each show as to avoid spoiling other fans viewing experiences during the show. Point being, expect “tweet-level” grammar and informality because this is supposed to be very informal.

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  1. Given the fact that the clips from this episode seem to indicate that Barry is interacting with the Speedforce to some degree, I really hope the relationship between Barry and the Speedforce is fleshed out; Barry is the Speedforce and the Speedforce is Barry. While other Speedsters tap into the Speedforce it is only Barry Allen running that can cause it to grow. I think that by having people in his life represent the Speedforce (one of the clips showed the Speedforce taking the form of Joe) the show MIGHT be indicated that “the Speedforce is Barry’s life”, and therefore to some end that Barry is the Speedforce.
  2. I’m all for seeing Jesse Quick and Wally West get their speed as they have in the comics…but I really hope ONE wave of Speedforce energy (that also hit Henry/Harry/Cisco/Iris) doesn’t give Barry (his powers back), Wally, and Jesse speed powers…
  3. I’m a little surprised none of the past few episodes have changed the intro…
  4. Okay, there is absolutely no way Wally can’t know that Barry is The Flash now…like there is a 0% chance he’s that dumb.
  5. And there it is, the episode title, “The Runaway Dinosaur” a book Nora used to read to Barry.

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  1. I can’t wait for Barry’s heroic reappearance, I can already tell the chills I’ll get will be next level.
  2. This concept of “we” is already different from the comics…especially seeing as Barry running also spreads the Speedforce throughout time…if that were the case “Speedforce Joe” could only guarantee that the Speedforce was around at the beginning of time…if Barry had reached top speed EVER at some point in time.
  3. I wonder if that black blur is the real Black Flash? The death of all speedsters..?
  4. They’re really not being subtle about Henry being a doctor…
  5. So is Jesse in a “Speedforce coma”?

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  1. Greg Finley played a zombie on iZombie, and now he’s playing a zombie version of Girder here!
  2. “Because you’re The Flash Barry”…awesome…let’s hope that means that Barry = Speedforce
  3. Big Belly Burger!
  4. Hey look it’s Jay Mewes! Kevin Smith’s friend!
  5. I’m kinda hoping that The Flash does what The Flash: Rebirth did and makes Iris Barry’s lightning rod, his connection to everything outside of the Speedforce…

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  1. I wonder if the blur is a Black Flash, or a past speedster, another version of Barry?
  2. In the DCYou continuity Wally’s powers have been developing really slowly…maybe that’s what the show has in mind? At first it’ll start with hand vibrations here or there, and then bursts of speed, etc.
  3. How damn close is STAR Labs to the West home?
  4. See, this writing for Iris adds another layer to her character, and yet it doesn’t seem ridiculously out of character or forced, good for The Flash writers, avoiding “the Felicity dilemma”
  5. “Is iZombie still behind you?” … iZombie reference!

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  1. Cisco’s doppelgänger had concussive energy blasts right? Why hasn’t Cisco tried to develop those!
  2. Wait, is his mother the black blur? or is she another Speedforce illusion?
  3. Damn Kevin Smith’s directorial style is killer, I’m so excited he’s returning for at least one Season 3 episode already.
  4. Jesus Grant Gustin is making me cry with this Runaway Dinosaur book reading….damn
  5. YES Iris is Barry’s lightning rod in the comics, she CAN pull him back….

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  1. Run Barry Run…
  2. I was really hoping for the ring suit…but hey, this episode has been AWESOME
  3. Is Barry’s lightning more red now? or is it just me?
  4. Okay, so if she’s going to wake up from Barry giving her the Speedforce…then Barry IS the Speedforce, YES! BARRY IS THE SPEEDFORCE!
  5. Well, if Barry’s dad is staying, I’d say Henry, Joe, or Wells will be dying at the end of this season…
  6. Iris is Barry’s lightning rod!
  7. Anyone recognize any of those metas???

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  • Chuckie

    I didn’t get a clear shot of all the metas, so ill rewatch and really look to see whos from the comics

  • JRosario

    Barry is NOT the Speedforce. That’s was always a stupid interpretation to me. And that idea was only just recently introduced. I believe that idea that Barry created the SpeedForce (which is stupid as hell) was from one writer only in the past 10 years or so.

    • The Arrowverse

      No, the concept that he was the speedforce was introduced in Rebirth, the concept that he created it has been around since Wally became The Flash..

  • JRosario

    Oh God. Barry is NOT the Speedfoce. SHUT UP ABOUT IT ALREADY. That’s the dumbest idea ever.

    • The Arrowverse

      Lol, and yet in almost every version of continuity he is…




      It’s one of the few things that makes Barry the most unique and important Flash.

  • Knight

    Uhhh, dude? This episode emphatically declared that Barry is NOT the Speed Force. Speed Force Joe said it very clearly, “We’ve been around since the beginning of time.” Now, if the Speed Force was around in the beginning of time then there is no way Barry is the Speed Force because he didn’t exist back then! And Barry also didn’t create the Speed Force like in the comics either. Amazing you missed that detail. And the only reason Jesse woke up from Barry’s touch is NOT because he’s the Speed Force, it’s because he has gained new abilities just like Wally did in the comics after merging with the Speed Force, he came back with new powers. That’s what happened here.

  • Knight

    Oh and Iris is not Barry’s lightnining rod. Cisco could have brought Barry back but Barry “Chose” to remain in the Speed Force. By the time Iris came along, Barry had already chosen to leave the Speed Force. So much for that lightning rod theory.

    • The Arrowverse

      That’s untrue. There certainly a reason they chose to have Iris be the one to physically grasp Barry. There was never any proof that Cisco could’ve brought Barry back there was only proof that he saw Barry.

      • Caseys

        The Speedforce, as Iris, literally tells Barry that actually yes, he can leave right then, but it’ll be without his powers, so yeah, Cisco could have gotten him out, Barry chooses not to go.

        • The Arrowverse

          You’re clearly missing the significance of Iris being the one to pull him out though. According to The Flash Rebirth Barry was free to leave the Speedforce the entire time he was trapped there, but it was the memory and notion of Iris that helped him to reground himself.

          I’m not inplying it was her literally grabbing his hand that makes her his lightning rod, but the reason for “being grounded” does