What ‘Supergirl’ Can Learn From Injustice 2

The season finale of Supergirl premiered on Monday this week, and I thought it was pretty good. Despite a few flaws, it was still a genuinely great episode with a very emotional ending. However, despite getting their shit together towards the end of the season, Supergirl season 2 was a complete and utter mess. There was a good episode once and a while but for the most part, it felt like they didn’t know what they were doing and hence, a very messy season. The only thing that was a constant great thing was Mon-El’s character development. It showed how he went from a frat boy douchebag to a mature and competent hero. It was the only truly interesting part of the season.

On the other side of the coin though, there is the Injustice 2 Supergirl. She is pretty much everything you can do right with the character and something Berlanti, Adler, and Kreisberg can really learn from. While I have not played the game, I have watched a playthrough of it (because I’m too cheap to get the actual game, haha) and Supergirl in that game was so god damn perfect that it makes the CW’s Supergirl garbage in comparison. Despite a decent performance by the very lovely Melissa Benoist, her character is not written that well. Add on to the fact that she is more so a gender-bent Superman than an adaptation of the Supergirl character. At the end of the day, Supergirl from Injustice 2 is everything right with the original character while Supergirl from the TV show is everything wrong with the character. I’ll start off with basics and go more in depth as the list goes on.

1. Suit

supergirl suit

A pretty basic thing to nitpick on but it needs to be said. The suit in Supergirl is pretty terrible in my opinion. Even at this point in Arrow and Flash, their suits were updated a considerate amount. Not a ton, but enough to differentiate between season suits. However, Supergirl’s has never changed and I’m honestly not sure why. The suit is dull and depressing for such a hopeful and joyous hero. At least with Green Arrow, his suit makes sense because that version is a dark character, hence a dark green suit. At this point, make the suit lighter and have the yellow in the crest. Make the blue either royal blue or sky blue and make the red a scarlet or just a lighter red instead of maroon. That’s how it should be. Enter the Injustice 2 suit. I was never a huge fan of pants on Supergirl, it just looked weird to me. I always prefer the skirt. However, the suit is still great. It’s got a nice light blue color, a nice red color and even has some more gold, which is cool too. It’s overall more appealing to look it, even if the photo I got was very blurry (sorry about that). Hopefully in season 3, the suit will be lighter and more reflective of the hero wearing it.

2. Appearance

supergirl appearance

This more so has to deal with the way they look in general outside of the suit. Unfortunately for Injustice 2, Supergirl has a one up since we see her as a “human” while Injustice 2 we always saw her in her suit (excluding her introduction before a fight). So yes, the show does have a leg up here but I will still try to explain it the best I can. First off, I get how the showrunners want to approach the character on the show, have her look relatively human so people don’t expect her to be the Girl of Steel. I get that, I really do. But that doesn’t mean getting an actress that relatively looks way too skinny and nimble to be portraying a superhero. I understand that the super+ strength comes from her powers rather than her actual muscles, but I still find it strange to have a strong hero look so nimble. With Injustice 2, Kara looks like she can take care of herself and could actually win a fight. She has some meat on the bone, as well as the fact that she can look intimidating when she needs to be. Benoist has maybe had a few moments of intimidation and badassery, but not as much Injustice 2 Supergirl. Plus, Injustice 2’s Supergirl has this equal blend of cuteness and badassery which works in her favor, as many villains don’t see her as a threat when she can be. With Benoist, she’s just kinda cute…. and that’s it. When a villain is getting his ass kicked, it’s just because it needs to happen in the realm of the show not because this version of Supergirl could possibly hold up in a fight.

3. Development

supergirl development

It’s kind of hard to make an argument about this, only because Supergirl is a TV show that has gotten 30+ hours of entertainment attached to the name while Injustice 2 is a 8-10 hour game (in terms of Story Mode that is) that isn’t focused entirely on her. However, I still feel that this needs to be discussed. If you follow my Supergirl page, you know that I complain a lot about Supergirl’s lack of development as a character. Even in season 1, before the switch to The CW, Kara never really grew that much as a character. That’s mostly because of the personality that is portrayed by Benoist, but I’ll get to that in a minute. With Injustice 2’s Supergirl you feel like she wants to grow and will grow, as she hasn’t really been on Earth that long. You feel a certain naivety (like her comic book counterpart) to her character that makes her an interesting and enjoyable character to watch. You want to see her grow and learn and be a better character because of her experiences, and it certainly seems that way. By the end of the game you have seen her grow and be more mindful than she was before because of what happened to her Kal-El, her infant cousin. At the end you see that she will most likely grow because of what happened in the storyline of Injustice 2. With Benoist, you see that she doesn’t really want to learn and grow. Yes, you had Cat giving her advice once and a while, but you never really saw grow because of it. She usually disregarded it after the episode. Yes, you say her taking said advice and using it towards a certain situation, but not necessarily learn something legitimately from it. But this all comes down to her personality.

4. Personality

supergirl personality

Something I really loved about Injustice 2, and arguably one of the best parts of it, was Kara’s personality and how much better it is than her TV show counterpart. As I stated, Kara wants to learn everything. There is so much to her powers and to Earth that she doesn’t know about but will learn and grow because of it. The TV show version is quite the opposite. She and the world around her doesn’t want her to learn and doesn’t want her to grow. Mainly because, in two different environments, she grew up with a mentality that she is Little Miss Perfect and doesn’t need to learn anything because she has no imperfections. This just simply isn’t the case as she has made a ton of mistakes during the show and very rarely does she learn because of it. She is a narcissistic whiner who can’t become a more mature woman because of her experiences. Why? Because the showrunners are more focused about making a role model than an actual character. Even though the best role models are relatable to you, hence why you view them as such. They hold a certain goal you want to achieve as well as this grounded relatability so that there is a possibility to achieve such goals. So in Supergirl’s case, she doesn’t work as a role model or as a character and is just sorta there. Add on to the fact she doesn’t seem all that Kryptonian despite spending half of her life on the planet. She seems like a girl from 2015 on Earth got superpowers, which again, is not like the character. Superman seems more Kryptonian and he left as an infant. The Injustice 2 version seems very natural and likable. She has this childlike wonderment to a new world but won’t have that get in the way of what needs to be achieved, which is in her case, saving the world from Brainiac. She is forced to learn hard lessons that not everything is black and white (the way that Benoist’s version thinks) and the fact that people change and are doing something for good intentions but the way they get that “something” is through terrible means. She is forced to learn that lesson and is dealt the hard truth of reality that she has to face, and she will face that truth with determination and hopefully, a bright outlook when it’s all over.

That is why Injustice 2’s Supergirl works so much better than Benoist’s. Not only is her physical appearance and design of her suit brighter and more intriguing to the eye but her personality and development is superior. She is not only like her comic book counterpart, but her personality makes more sense to her character and she has this certain will to learn and grow because she constantly want to be a better hero. However, with Benoist’s version, she already believes she is the perfect hero and doesn’t need to learn more (that Superman pep talk in the finale didn’t help matters either). Plus, she has a dark and depressing looking suit and too skinny and nimble. I mean come on Melissa eat a god damn cheeseburger. All joking aside, I believe that Kreisberg, Berlanti and Adler could learn from this game and Supergirl’s character in the game. It could make Benoist’s version more interesting and likable. However, that’s just my thoughts, and hopefully season 3 will bring a much more intriguing Supergirl.

Author: Super Legend

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  • Knight

    1. The TV show suit is bar none far superior to anything in Injustice 2. Seriously?! Who thought it was a good idea to put gold/yellow on the outside and red on the inside of Supergirl’s S shield? Epic fail. The list goes on… 2. Appearance: Melissa is fine and has displayed all the qualities you like. Do you even watch the show? 3 & 4: Spoken like someone who hasn’t watched a single episode of Supergirl. Seriously?! Your really comparing a game that has (at best) a few hours of content for Supergirl to a TV show that has ran for two years now? Every nitpick and problem you have can, and does, apply to the TV version. She is far from perfect (she’d be the first to tell you that), she won’t let anyone go home alone on Christmas, she’s kind, caring, she has mother issues, she feels bad by hurting others, she struggles at her job, she makes mistakes but learns from them, she feels isolated and alone, she inspires hope in others, do I really need to go on or do I need to write an article of my own proving just how SO wrong you are? Seriously, you think a video game character has more personality than the TV show?! Injustice 2 Supergirl has about as much character development than a typical movie and that ain’t much. You know what? Forget that, how about you actually take the time to watch a show that you, evidently don’t watch and you’ll see EVERY SINGLE equality you like in Injustice 2 replicated in the TV show. And the next time you feel the urge to compare a video game character with little personality, and limited exposure, to a character on a TV show that has been on for a few years or more, don’t.

    • batman89

      I will admit, when I initially wrote this, this came from a pretty angry place. These were some pretty dumb nitpicks. Especially with the fact that they got their shit together in the first half of season 3. I was mostly just pissed at the fact that season 2 had no identity, they didn’t really now what they were doing. I just think Injustice 2 more so got the personality of SG more than the TV show did. I like the TV show, but season 1 is the only truly great season in my book. I could probably convey a better argument now than I did back then.

      But my point here is, looking back on this editorial, I could’ve handled it a lot better than I did. Apologies. I don’t really think this nowadays mainly because of how season 3 (or at least the first half) was so good and catered to my issues. But even going away from that, it mostly came from anger. Anger that I don’t have anymore.

  • Knight